Red River Gorge , Ahmed M Al Janahy

My amazing tour of ” Red River Gorge” 2020 – Kentucky Forest

The nature of the earth is powerful for innovation and creativity. It was made without a human, so that’s my second visit to the Red River Gorge
on Aug 2, 2020, and my first visit was in 2016. It’s not a big difference, I saw the beautiful green trees and took a breath of pure air, also I took a lot of time to explore and hike in that nurture forest, but it was scary sometimes when I went through high places to shoot pics.

Red River Gorge

Hundreds of people visit Red River Gorge each year to enjoy all the natural splendor the area has to offer. From rock climbing to mountain biking, there’s always something to do to get you closer to nature!

Visit Red River Gorge Kentucky

From breathtaking views and incredible rock climbing cliffs to peaceful hiking trails and gorgeous underground gorges, The Red is full of incredible sights ready to be experienced. Book your trip to the area today and soak it all in for yourself!

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